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Students find inspiration in a variety of sources and events. If you are teaching biology and you want to open your student’s appetite for wildlife, planning and taking them to a couple of school incursions might help with this purpose. There they can find out new fascinating things about a variety of animals and reptiles, they can interact with them, making biology classes more enjoyable in the future. Also, all these incursions are tailored for meeting student’s level of understanding, depending on their curricula. However, below you can find some interesting facts about these animal incursions.

Experts in wildlife are leading the show

A meeting with wild and fascinating animal surely needs a couple of explanations from well-trained personnel. These facilities make this possible by having experts in wildlife answering all the questions students and teachers might have, equally. Also, they can supervise your student’s interacting with them, making sure no animals or children are getting hurt in the process. As you might guess, these experts have the capacity of giving competent explanations and presentations and you can be sure your students will be leaving the incursion knowing a little bit more than they previously did.

Interesting resources for following up

As a teacher, you might find useful some resources for supporting your courses after this encounter. Because they can provide interesting materials for children of all ages and students, this comes as a great advantage they bring to teachers. This is a great way of diversifying the way you approach your courses, and the manner you are teaching your students new notions. And the great thing about these resources is that they are completely free for download!

Incursions tailored for all group ages

Because the experts in wildlife have solid knowledge of animal classification, threatened and endangered species, organ systems, animal adaptations and animal genetics, they can answer to all necessities, from first grade students, to more complicated matters grad students might be interested in. Also, since many VCE secondary school students might be confronted with the necessity of deciding for a future career, maybe this opportunity might open their appetite for a wildlife study path.

Encourage parents take their children to similar extracurricular activities

Because it is also important for children to become involved in this type of activities even outside their school programs, encourage parents inspire this passion in them. Fortunately, these programs cover a variety of parties children might find interesting and parents can even organize their birthdays in this manner. For example, parents can easily choose from reptile parties, wildlife parties and snake parties, all of them designed in an entertaining yet educative manner, so they satisfy children’s thirst for information.

As you can see, these incursions have the great quality of giving students a new and entertaining perspective on animals and wildlife, become familiar with a variety of reptiles and learn new notions in an enjoyable manner. This helps with the purpose of raising their grades in biology classes, and why not, choosing a future path in life.


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