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There are more and more people who talk about hiring a live-in nanny, due to the great list of advantages that a woman who works on this position can offer them. Thus, if you are interested in such career, you should check your tips from below.

First comes first – what is a live-in nanny?

A live-in nanny is a person who usually lives with the child that she takes care of, in the family house. Of course, there are also cases when the family prefers to offer a separate flat for the nanny, as to let the babysitter enjoy her privacy more. In case you wonder how you can get such job, things are quite simple. You only have to look for nanny agencies in London and write an application. In the majority of the cases, you will have to go through an interview and even a test. The most important part is to show your employers that you are a reliable person who also has the right skills for this job.

Secondly: does the nanny have an educational role?

There are many people who claim that a nanny only has to take care of babies or children, a thing which involves feeding them, helping them have fun and other similar activities. But, in the majority of cases, parents are looking for more. They want a person who is also able to help the kids with their homework. Thus, do not feel surprised if they will ask you about your knowledge. Try to be honest and show them your strengths. You do not have to know them all.

The small list with DOs for nannies

  • Ask about the place where you are going to live. In case you do not like it, you should just refuse the job.
  • Do you have to take night shifts? In case you do, ask them to pay you properly. There are parents who would live you to supervise their kids who are afraid of sleeping alone.
  • Ask for the permission of the house owner to bring your personal belongings. They will help you feel like home.
  • Try to become friend with the kid. But be honest. In case you are not on the same wavelength, you should say “no” to such job.

The small list with DON’Ts for nannies

  • Don’t do that, if you do not feel comfortable. You also have the chance to choose.
  • Don’t forget to ask about the payment. But you should also know that usually, a live-in nanny earns a lower rate than a live-out one. On the other hand, she also receives food, accommodation and, sometimes, a car. Thus, they will also ask you about your driving license.
  • Don’t take care of the household, if they do not pay you for that. But try to make things clear from the beginning.

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