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The role of father in the child’s life is related to his normal development, the psycho-emotional maturity, the formation of personality. If the mother is for the child the one who satisfies his basic needs of life (warmth, safety, calm and peace, unconditional love), the father is the safety factor in the family, is the one who supports the mother. That is why the psycho-affective balance of the child depends on the father-mother relationship. The image that the mother shows about the father is influencing the child’s perception on the paternal function in general, the image about the relationship with authority (unconditionally accepted, rejected, challenged, realistic accepted and so on).

Also the father is the one that allows the child’s separation of the mother (the psychological umbilical cord) and encourages the evolution of the child to autonomy, the developing of confidence in his own forces. So a happy family is a family where every member fulfills their role in respect to the other members, thus establishing precise and strong relationships.What happens if the father doesn’t fulfill his role in the family?

A series of psycho-pathological disorders can occur in children: anxiety, lack of courage, insecurity – in a word, emotional instability that later in adolescence may lead, in some cases, to suicide attempts. The relationships with others are unstable, the child is isolated, even though apparently it may seem sociable. A child who hasn’t a good relationship with his father fails to make friends and to ‘detach’ from his mother’s custody (this happens to many boys and even after reaching adulthood, they stumble in the umbilical cord that is ‘hanging’ between them and their mother).

Therefore, the boy will become very moody, weak, or if he has a possessive mother, it will be marked by the lack of self-confidence, he will run out form responsibilities, will seek for partners who tell him what to do and, later, a wife-mother.

If there is a girl, she will probably be a forever unhappy person, looking for a masculine ideal that no one can reach, will have feelings of doubt about his own qualities, will consistently underestimate and will be prone to depression.

Saying all these, the role of the father in the child’s life is very important. Children who have good relationships with their fathers are more confident and more volunteers in relationships with others, and will remain so as adults. Boys who are raised by loving fathers are, in turn, good fathers to their future children.

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