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The parent-child relationship must be a positive and balanced one and must grow progressively. This relationship is meant to attract happiness, peace, safety and smiles. If parents raise their children with love, warmth, care and a lot of patience then they will grow as responsible adults, healthy and with plenty of ambition.

However, these links between parents and children vary according to religion, family roots and principles. There are several types of attachment between children and parents, and scientists have managed to divide them into four categories: the secure attachment, the disorganized attachment, the avoidant attachment and the ambivalent attachment.

Parents can be constrained by a lot of challenges and problems that often compromise their ability to provide the best to the child, both in material and emotional terms. It takes a great effort and an investment of feelings to be able to build a positive and opened relationship with your child and. However, you mustn’t despair, because nothing in life really prepares you for the responsibility of being a parent; everyone learns mostly from experience, but from sharing and discussing with other parents as well. There is no shame in using websites like that offer advice to inexperienced parents and show them the best ways to deal with their children’s problems. Here are some tips with a more general application, we hope they will come in handy:

  • Always tell him that you love him – although it can be inferred that parents love their children, they often need to hear this from you.
  • Make known to the child your beliefs and convictions – let him know you better through it and to build a relationship consolidating it together.
  • Grow with your child – for this you have to do something very simple: to play with him, to get involved in his world, to be close to him.
  • Choose a special name for him – do not try to go with strange and complicated names, but try to give him a different name from the others to realize that you have chosen it especially for him and to feel appreciated and loved. This can help you strengthen the relationship between you and the child.
  • Establish and maintain a routine at night before bed – create special moments between you and the child, even by reading a story or by a discussion from parent to child. It is a useful way to get close to him and understand him.
  • Dine in the family – make a habit of eating with the child or to establish a feeding schedule as to reunite the whole family around it; it helps to strengthen the relationships between family members.
  • Respect your child – this does not mean you must obey him; the respect is shown simply by taking care of him, not to ignore his desires and choices; even if they are not suitable, do not ignore them, always explain him why they cannot be enforced.
  • Make the child a priority in your life – to the extent that you can, put him in the first place; there is no excuse to ignore your child when you sit near him or when you have time for him, spend quality time with him.
  • Communicate constantly with your child.  Help him to develop communication, to always say what he feels, to strengthen the relationship between you. In this way he will gain confidence in you and will always tell you if he’s going or not through problems.

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