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A lot of people know that the history of private education in America is very long and full of changes. In the past there was no big difference between public and private education. This was so because up until the 1830s education was done in individual groups and the fees were covered by the government. At that time it was not considered a problem because only people with a certain income had access to education. The government also supported schools which used the Bible and prayers on their program back then. However, as time passed the government stopped financing private schools and started focusing on developing a good and healthy public school system.

In the 16th century the history of private education in America introduces the first private schools which were founded in Louisiana and Florida. At that time, classes were held by Catholic missionaries who did their best to teach children everything they needed to know, from math to geography to how to read and write. The difference between public and private schools was not a big deal back then because the entire educational system was led by the Church. Back then, parents were still the main source of education for kids. Everything changed after the 1830s when the idea of free public schooling was promoted. Just around that time Catholic schools, started closing because of the large Catholic immigrants. But the Catholics did not disappear all together; they remained in the educational system to support free school. They believed that any child has a right to education even if they did not come from families with large incomes and if they were from other nationalities.

After 1950, public schools were really popular mainly because everyone access to education. However Protestants did not see this as a good sign which is why they started opening their own schools where children from their church can go and study. The history of private education in America shows us how much things have changed in time.

We can say that the history of private education in America is the richest because this country has been through so many changes to get to the educational system it has today. Changes are still happening and this is not something bad, it is the result of a growing population. Today, most children want to be home schooled which is a type of private education. They want this because most of them have had a hard time integrating into the public school environment, they were abused both physically and verbally and some work from an early age and they can not attend a school with a full time program like all the other children. Celebrities are the ones who choose private schooling because they leave different lives than your normal teenager.

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