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Once the child grows parents are increasingly concerned about his education. Thus, after the age of two years many are tempted to hire a nanny or a governess to care for their baby. But not everyone knows the difference between the two meanings.

At European level there is a contradiction of these two terms, being easily mistaken. For example, in France the governess is the person able to handle housekeeping and in the remaining time she is supervising the children. In other countries the list of professions states the fact that the governess is the person with multiple teaching and psychological skills who deals with children’s education, providing such services at the child’s home.

In another sense, the governess is that person who comes in daily contact with the child, dining with him, teaching him the good manners, doing homework together and so on. In terms of education, she will also direct the child on the right track giving him the explanations he needs both from didactic and psychological terms. Therefore, she will direct the educational conduct that the child will have in the future.

One of the conditions of employing a governess for children’s education is to be speaking an international language. Thus, the governess will teach the child that foreign language, speaking with him permanently in that international language.

Moreover, for the child’s education to be directed positively by the governess is required the child to be small, in this way thinking and memorizing can be more easily shaped and guided.

Finally, parents being in a continuous daily ‘run’, having less time for their child, they can be replaced by the governess, the child managing to gain her trust and confidence that he will always need. Therefore, parents must consider hiring a governess for a proper education of their child.

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