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Young children are so adorable that parents cannot refuse them anything. Unfortunately for these parents, now is the time when children must learn what are the rules by which human society, including family, work and must understand that they must ‘obey’ these rules. The age of 2-3 years is known for tantrums, these resulting from the child’s need to express his independence or frustration. The way parents react to this behavior will establish future relations between parent and child – or the parent will become a ‘slave’ of the child or the child will listen the parents.

Discipline and child guidance occurs when, in the interaction with the parent, he learns, behaves and develops harmoniously. Punishment is the opposite of positive guidance and means to stop a child’s misbehavior by negative physical or verbal action, suppression of pleasure or penalizing the child. Physical or verbal violence and harsh punishments are not an effective method of long-term correction and, in addition, the child loses his confidence and in others and at maturity he will resolve all problems through violence.

With the help of a proper education, the child gains confidence, feels safe in the world around him and knows that even if it happens to make mistakes, parents will be with him and will support him unconditionally.

Effective methods of disciplining children include:
– Separation – give the child some time to calm down.
– Behavior management, negotiation with the child.
– Redirecting the child’s behavior.
– Providing a behavioral model.
– Involve the child in solving the problem.
– Ignoring the child when he behaves inappropriately to get attention.
– Maintaining a firm position in front of the child.
– Maintaining control of the situation.
– Detachment or keeping a clear mind.
– Reward your child, but do not bribe him.

The young children, with the age between 1 and 3 years old, have a huge capacity for learning and therefore parents are advised to pay special attention to this aspect. According to experts, at this age are planning the skills to read, to calculate and to communicate verbally. Even if they will not manage to excel right now, children who are introduced to these topics will do better at the school age.

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