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We live in a society in which the conversational environment is increasingly poor, although we hear the word ‘communication’ in any street corner, at the office, on the bus and so on. We hear this word in families in lines like ‘My husband and I no longer communicate’. Why? Because we follow our own ideas, because of the computer, because of TV, radio, in which we discover that too many people spend a lot of time capturing mechanical messages and they do not find time to exchange messages like living beings, loving and affectionate with the family members.

If the mother and the father are sitting in front of the TV or the computer, about 7 hours a day, plus the time during lunch, the road to / from work, the hours of sleep, we barely have time to talk. When and how to do to get to understand how important are these discussions in the family, these exchange of ideas. There are many occasions when both partners spend time together (at the coffee morning, bedtime). A small discussion is extremely important to the health of their relationship and for the balanced development of the child.
In many couples the problems can be solved and a disintegration of the family can be prevented through conversation. You must talk about what bothers one of the family members: the mother, the father or the child. Listen to what he has to say, debate the issue, find a solution together. To educate some children to succeed, parents must learn how to communicate among themselves and with their children.

Do not expect the other to ‘realize’ something is wrong. Let go of the thoughts like: he ‘must’ see that you do not liked something. It is much easier to say ‘my dear, let me finish what I started’, if it’s about a punishment or if the child is scold. If the mother comes and scolds the child for a mistake, the father should not intervene with something contrary.

Slip among the evening news, the prime time shows, dialogues that matter a lot in the communication between husband and wife, especially when the child is present. When these discussions are happy, affectionate, the child will feel safe. He feels he belongs to a loving family. Of course, children should be included in the family conversations. In this way he learns to deal in the adult world, they become more active and build a vocabulary that will develop the skills to talk and to adapt in society. We must not forget that the child is not an adult in miniature. A child has the interests of his own age and his attention is very low. What is of a very short time for an adult can be an eternity for the child. So do not invite the children in long and boring conversation.

The common denominator in all relationships is the need of each one to feel loved and understood. The discussions with children must be in a way that they feel as important members of the family in terms of communication. This builds and sets relationships we enjoy a lifetime, being a way to communicate your love, care and respect for your child.

In this century of speed it often happens for a child of ten or fourteen years old to enter into conversation with his parents and they to answer only with ‘yes’ or ‘no’, without the slightest effort to enter in conversation with him or to ignore him. This is one of the certain ways to determine your child to feel better in the neighbor’s house, in the discussions in front of the building, to enter into unhealthy environment or in a band.

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