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The difficult art of educating the child belongs primarily to the family, which although today is in great danger, is supported by God through the special grace which the married ones receive by the sacrament of marriage. Every year, millions of men and women soar in the service to become parents and for this aren’t required exams or degrees. However ‘one of the most challenging and difficult tasks in life is to take a child, a small creature, totally helpless and to assume full responsibility for its growth’ so that it becomes a self-controlled person, a useful member to the family, to church and society.

Because education is the art of human training of tomorrow, parents cannot be human’s of the past, anchored in formulas, but must go with their children, to adapt the steps with them, ‘to let themselves free to continue as soon as they are capable of this’. They have the duty to form the conscience in their child, the character, will, to build their critical personality to be able to freely choose what’s good, to be responsible and opened with generously in serving.

The most effective method of education is to do ourselves what we teach others. The great secret is that education is not just words, advice, command, but for example, environment, climate of affection and search and development of simple reports, immediate and loving. The great moment in education is childhood, during which are specific: the trust time, forming of the vocational skills, happy-free time, the time in which indelible memories fix in mind, the time in which they assimilate the family traditions.

To create a climate of a serene family, it takes patience, love, gentleness, family tips from grandparent, goodness and endless sacrifice. There are still parents who adopt in children’s education two wrong attitudes:
– The first is the ‘too high tolerance ‘because they do not want to be authoritative, understanding that education means ‘not to impose, not conditioned, not to limit’’;
– The second attitude is the ‘repression’ manifested by: rough relationships between parents and children, punishments applied the rule violation, the application of the ‘intransigent and systematic NO’.

To overcome these attitudes, it is necessary to apply a preventive system consisting of education through kindness. First of all it is necessary that parents be concerned about the inoculation in the child’s soul of love of God: the practice of virtue, horror of vice, teaching catechism and moral principles appropriate to his age. Second of all to use appropriate and benevolent warnings, to encourage the children with affection and when children forget their duties to remind them kindly, by warning them on the healthy decisions.

Education is not scheduled to take place on certain days, hours or locations, but is continuously monitored in the conduct of daily life in a confident family environment, in a love style.

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