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At early ages of four or five years old, children receive better the information they receive, gaining some skills and getting a better development of the psyche and the degree of intelligence.

Here are a few tricks of educating the child that you should not deviate once the child has passed the baby stage:

 1. Read him every night a poem, a story or a song. In this way you will develop him the ability to memorize;
2. Buy audio or video tapes with favorite stories, the most common being the Cinderella, Snow White and more;
 3. Do sports every day with him. Sporting activities are found in close connection with the human psyche, in this way the child will easily develop the thinking or memory level;
 4. Buy CDs in foreign languages; they may contain short songs, poems or storytellers, at this age the youngest will manage easier to acquire the complexity of a foreign language than it will be for an adult;

 5. Buy games, puzzles that trigger his intelligence;
 Buy the alphabet letters and try to teach him every day how to form a word. It will be easier for him to make the connection between written and spoken;
7. Buy magnetic letters and paste them on the fridge, cooker, washing machine, forming at least one word every day with him;
 8. Buy DVDs or CDs which contain educational games or software for children. In this way he will learn to handle the computer from an early age;

 9. If the child will ask an explanation referring to something that you think is trivial or too easy, do not get mad or think that you are wasting your time. Explain any detail and do not forget that if you are in this environment for some decades, he had just stepped here and curiosity is primarily a necessity;

10. Try to show him how to distinguish colors – it is a skill he needs to know from an early age.

Even if these ten tricks do not have a high degree of complexity, they require continuity from your side and the child’s education itself must be a permanent concern.

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