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Posted On October - 30 - 2013 0 Comment

The need for special education schools will never stop because unfortunately there are children who need special attention and care in order to continue their studies. A special education school looks almost like a regular school, except it has assistants who have been trained to deal with all sorts of behavior problems, specialized teachers and equipment. The standards that this type of school must meet are: mental health issues, having specialized staff and equipment for children with disabilities and learning differences. Society needs this type of schools however the people who live in them have different opinions, there are those who think it’s a good idea and there are those who disagree with the need of special schools.

It is a known fact that children who have special needs do better in a normal academic environment than in special education schools. Studies have shown that children who go to normal schools have a high level of self-esteem, good grades and confidence. Because they are surrounded by healthy children both physically and mentally, they are motivated to integrate into their world which leads to a lot of positive results. However, there are those very special cases in which the kid needs specialized attention which can be provided by special schools. In some districts and even countries this type of schools are not financed by the government, which means that parents have to pay their tuition out of their own pockets. This is challenging for a lot of parents because most of them can not afford to pay for school and for the medical treatment most special children need to follow. In some countries there are hundreds of parents in this situation.

A lot of people think that by sending their children to a special school they will isolate their child and that he will not be able to integrate in society when he grows older. This is not entirely false because many children with special problems find it very difficult to function outside of special education schools.

There are a lot of pros and cons about special education schools but most of them do not come from parents who have kids with special needs. Of course, there are parents who think that their children do not belong in a special school even if they do. The point is that every parent should try at the beginning to send their kid to a normal school and if he notices that his child does not adapt to this environment he should send him to a special school. He will have problem adapting to the real world but that is something that you can not change no matter how hard you try, what you can do is help him.

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