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Social stories have a role in the development of children, especially those with behavioral problems or who are suffering from lacks of certain social skills. Parents sometimes face problems when they have to teach children to be sociable and to behave well, meaning to discipline them. Social stories are a great tool in this respect. These social stories are read frequently from books. But it can be watched by children when they are put in stage drawings, films or plays. Those which involve movement are more effective because children can capture many elements that help them learn the social skills.

The benefits of social stories for children:
Experts say that social stories provide simple examples, concrete, of some behaviors appropriate or inappropriate in a particular social context. These are presented in a coherent and simple language, understandable to the child. In addition, they are written from the child’s perspective. In this way, children are able to identify and associate various feelings or emotions and relationships in an effective educational context. Thus, they understand better the thoughts, feelings and views of others. Social stories present situations in a direct and structured way that the child understands what happens without having to ‘read between the lines’. These can help parents in their attempts to combat children’s tantrums in public or the aggressive behavior. Also, the social stories have proven their useful in fighting episodes in which children face and defy their parents.

The only problem is that social stories fail to motivate the child. The books are accompanied by pictures or illustrations describing each step of the story. But the pictures from the books cannot assembled and capture all relationships components and social situations, such as body language, facial expressions and certain movements. It is needed something more dynamic in this respect.

The role of social stories for children with disabilities:
Social stories provide their full contribution in children with autism or Asperger syndrome or ADHD. These children have great problems to develop social skills and establish relationships even with the closest people. Social stories illustrate the rules of interaction and are often put in the form of role play. This helps autistic children to better understand the emotions, feelings and feelings of others.

Specialists use the social stories as a treatment to treat autism, for example. They talk about therapy based on social stories and say it can have remarkable effects in improving the condition of children. However, to have the desired effects, social stories must follow a certain continuity and constancy. There are special books, but when these are finished, you can invent yourself stories. Your child’s doctor can help you structure and create them to be useful in treating the child.

Social stories for children with autism include topics such as going to the store, visit the doctor, going to school or riding the bus. That is simple and usual situations of the children’s life which they have to cope and which are presented in a useful form to them so that they understand. Social stories are effective and help children in behavioral and social situations they encounter in everyday life. Do not hesitate to read such stories to the child.

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