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Posted On December - 9 - 2016 0 Comment

Are you a student who plans living in Australia for studying? Do you appreciate their studying system and economy? Well, before moving there, there is something that you should check first: your English abilities. Ok, it seems simple because everybody believes that he or she knows how to speak or write in English, but this is not enough. You need a test which should prove it. Have you heard about PTE test Canberra? If you have not, here they are some valuable tips and information.

What you should know about English tests from Australia?


First of all, for any kind of Australian visa approval, you should demonstrate how good your English is, because this is a rule which is imposed by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (also known as DIBP). But, you should not think that you need the same test for any type of visa. For example, there are persons who need a test which requirse a lower level of knowledge.


Secondly, some of the most common English test in Australia are the following ones: Pearson Test of English (also known as PTE), International English Language Testing System (the famous IELTS), Occupational English Test (OET). Moreover, bear in mind the fact that you will have to pass an English test, not only if you decide to go studying in Australia, but also if you want to find a job there. And maybe you should take this option into consideration, due to the fact that Australia has one of the best economic situations.


Thirdly, do not be disappointed if you get a bad mark on your test. This means that you need guidance and also you should find some ways of coordinating your attention better. The majority of mistakes are done because of lack of attention.

Tips for improving your English abilities


Before having a test that proves your English abilities, you should take into consideration the following tips.


  • Ask for help. If you feel like you cannot do it, you should ask for guidance. For example, there are persons who are able to help you. And here they are how things really work: before enrolling to such classes, you will need to pass an admission test. According to the results of the test, they will decide how long your coaching period will take. And do not worry about money because you can find some good offers.
  • Try to find someone who lives in Australia and talk to him/ her as much as you can, in order to get some valuable information about this country. If you understand the Australian culture and traditions, you will find it easier to speak their language. And if you want, you can use Skype or other social media websites for communicating better.
  • Read books which are written in Australian English and try to learn something from their expressions. You will not be able to understand their vocabulary, if you do not try to study it a little. Ok, you may say that learning a foreign language is not like doing some math exercises, but you still need logics, right?
  • Watch some Australian movies or listen to some traditional music from this country. And trust us when we say that you will get to like them.

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