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Home is where the child brings his experience gained and strengthens it in peace and security. Here is influenced and appreciated the quality of the work that is done at school and also the attitudes toward school is reinforced. The relationship with family is very important in a child’s education.

The close collaboration between family and teachers is essential. The child who is not in step with the class, following it with difficulty puts a problem that must be solved quickly, the parents need to know the nature of child’s disorders. The weak pupil must not be judged only in comparison with his colleagues. Despite his bad grades the learning received can be useful following that in a few years to catch a taste for learning, thus becoming a good pupil. Parents need to watch them no more and not to be violent threatening the child, which would cause him uncertainty.

All family relationships determine the organization of the motivations substrate, the abilities attitudes of the child who learns. The favorable climate of the integration of the child in the external environment integration of the family – unwanted situations occur when there are friction in the family, for example, the boys do not appreciate girls when the father does not appreciate his mother, the same happens with the girls when the mother is obviously unhappy with his husband.

The family with one child is a separate topic. Their only child can create educational problems due to having a demanding relationship with family, resulting in the child being overprotected and having to face the world full of dangers.

The children from large families are learning quickly to play different roles in the family constellation. The first born takes care of the little ones, the role of the middle child is undetermined (he is sometimes in difficulty with the big brother or with little one), the smallest has the advantage of learning models of behavior from his brothers, whether good or bad.

The role of the grandparents is very delicate but very useful when it is well met. It is better that they not be too lenient, not to show too much admiring complacency, nor excessive severity. Ideally is that the grandparents to follow the fulfillment of those decided by parents regarding children, in a word, to the child only one conclusion must get.

In conclusion, the family relationships are influenced by the personality of the parents, by their power to blur what is worse, the methods used to educate children, the attitude towards the parent situation, their occupation, or the degree of solidarity.

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