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Home is where the child brings his experience gained and strengthens it in peace and security. Here is influenced and appreciated the quality of the work that is done at school and also the attitudes toward school is reinforced. The relationship with family is very important in a child’s education. The close collaboration between family and teachers is essential. The child who is not in […]

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Raising a child is a delicate balance between love, acceptance and determination, knowing how to put limits. How to grow our children better is a question that parents often ask themselves. It is the happy case that of the parents who are trying to raise their children with love, and responsibility. There are also abusive parents who hurt their children in various ways (emotionally, physically) […]

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The relationship between mother and child is one of the most resistant, viewed from biological and social terms. It is based on the maternal feeling, plus the social, psychological, educational, cultural, traditional interferences. In the social system of the modern family, both parents are involved in raising and educating the child, but the mother remains the determining factor, who observes and guides the social and […]

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We live in a society in which the conversational environment is increasingly poor, although we hear the word ‘communication’ in any street corner, at the office, on the bus and so on. We hear this word in families in lines like ‘My husband and I no longer communicate’. Why? Because we follow our own ideas, because of the computer, because of TV, radio, in which […]

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Education is the key to success for later teenager, so since the early ages is indicated to read to children storybooks and poems before bedtime. Often some minutes of coloring can help the small one to acquire the most important educative skills. In this way, he will know the colors, the domestic or wild animals, thus this will develop his imagination. Parents can read to […]

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Each parent has a set of rules that takes into account when it comes to children’s education, but some of these are available in most families: the child should be praised when he does a good thing, the little one should be polite with their brothers and the list goes on. But did you know that there are certain rules in children’s education you have […]

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At early ages of four or five years old, children receive better the information they receive, gaining some skills and getting a better development of the psyche and the degree of intelligence. Here are a few tricks of educating the child that you should not deviate once the child has passed the baby stage:  1. Read him every night a poem, a story or a […]

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parents offer to their child are essential to good emotional development of the little ones. It is good to mention also the existence of explanations we give to children and how to give these explanations. Perhaps many of us have seen at least one child with behavior problems, in our own family or in other families and for sure you have asked yourselves what are […]

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It is important to understand that in the first six months of life children do not have the notion of ‘doing harm’. No child can understand that his crying makes you angry and he will not stop because what he is doing is upsetting you. When the child reaches the remote control buttons he does it because he likes to explore and learn how things […]