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The role of father in the child’s life is related to his normal development, the psycho-emotional maturity, the formation of personality. If the mother is for the child the one who satisfies his basic needs of life (warmth, safety, calm and peace, unconditional love), the father is the safety factor in the family, is the one who supports the mother. That is why the psycho-affective […]

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The parent-child relationship must be a positive and balanced one and must grow progressively. This relationship is meant to attract happiness, peace, safety and smiles. If parents raise their children with love, warmth, care and a lot of patience then they will grow as responsible adults, healthy and with plenty of ambition. However, these links between parents and children vary according to religion, family roots […]

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Willing or not, parents commit errors in raising and educating the child. Eventually and mistakes are an experience of life from what we must learn the lesson. The important thing is not to commit them every time. Here are, according to the Reader’s Digest specialists, the most common mistakes parents make with their children: 1. Parents are not consistent. Especially when they’re young, children like […]

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The difficult art of educating the child belongs primarily to the family, which although today is in great danger, is supported by God through the special grace which the married ones receive by the sacrament of marriage. Every year, millions of men and women soar in the service to become parents and for this aren’t required exams or degrees. However ‘one of the most challenging […]

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Children’s education is often a dilemma for parents, because they frequently found themselves in front of completely new situations not knowing how to handle the needs of children. However, the communication with your child is a basic rule to understand his needs and to guide him to an education appropriate to the needs of society. Therefore, parents must know some basic rules regarding the creation […]

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Of ignorance or too much care many parents make mistakes in their children’s education. Discover what you should avoid and how much freedom you give to your child. The child must be able to understand first what is required to do not having yet well formed the mental structures. Therefore you must speak clearly, directly and not complicated, using simple and short phrases. Since one […]

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Young children are so adorable that parents cannot refuse them anything. Unfortunately for these parents, now is the time when children must learn what are the rules by which human society, including family, work and must understand that they must ‘obey’ these rules. The age of 2-3 years is known for tantrums, these resulting from the child’s need to express his independence or frustration. The […]

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Once the child grows parents are increasingly concerned about his education. Thus, after the age of two years many are tempted to hire a nanny or a governess to care for their baby. But not everyone knows the difference between the two meanings. At European level there is a contradiction of these two terms, being easily mistaken. For example, in France the governess is the […]

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A child’s education is not limited to teaching him how to write, read and calculate. Thus, he must learn how to behave with others, and this is your responsibility. Get him used since little with the good manners, because these are the key to his success in society. A good-mannered child will do better in social relationships and feel more comfortable with others than one […]

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Social stories have a role in the development of children, especially those with behavioral problems or who are suffering from lacks of certain social skills. Parents sometimes face problems when they have to teach children to be sociable and to behave well, meaning to discipline them. Social stories are a great tool in this respect. These social stories are read frequently from books. But it […]

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Psychologists, psychiatrists and other specialists have different opinions regarding the main factor in children’s education and, respectively, in preventing school dropout and juvenile delinquency. Most say that family is the one that puts its mark, mostly permanently, on the formation of the young man’s personality. Others say that school is the one which shapes the child. Many parents who have ‘droll ’children threaten them with […]

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In general, education is a process of positive influence of children by adults. Any action of the adults towards children echoes strongly in the child’s personality, causing other effects than those expected by adults. The educational influence exerted by the adult is equivocal. It can lead to the desired result the one followed by the educator, but may have zero effect or cause adverse effects, […]

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Home is where the child brings his experience gained and strengthens it in peace and security. Here is influenced and appreciated the quality of the work that is done at school and also the attitudes toward school is reinforced. The relationship with family is very important in a child’s education. The close collaboration between family and teachers is essential. The child who is not in […]

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Raising a child is a delicate balance between love, acceptance and determination, knowing how to put limits. How to grow our children better is a question that parents often ask themselves. It is the happy case that of the parents who are trying to raise their children with love, and responsibility. There are also abusive parents who hurt their children in various ways (emotionally, physically) […]

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The relationship between mother and child is one of the most resistant, viewed from biological and social terms. It is based on the maternal feeling, plus the social, psychological, educational, cultural, traditional interferences. In the social system of the modern family, both parents are involved in raising and educating the child, but the mother remains the determining factor, who observes and guides the social and […]