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Willing or not, parents commit errors in raising and educating the child. Eventually and mistakes are an experience of life from what we must learn the lesson. The important thing is not to commit them every time. Here are, according to the Reader’s Digest specialists, the most common mistakes parents make with their children:

1. Parents are not consistent. Especially when they’re young, children like very much the routine. They do not feel secure if they are taken by surprise. So it is better to impose them about the same hour meal, sleep time and mainly the same kind of punishment / reward for the same behaviors.

2. Parents neglect their child. Even if family fun is very important, young children feel the need to have a one-on-one moment with each parent separately. Thus book at least half an hour a day to dedicate it entirely to him.

3. Parents cuddle their children. Parents should not fall in the other extreme in which the child does not do anything by himself because you are always willing to help him. Let him put his shoes on even though he puts his foot in the wrong shoe. As long as an action is not threatening his life, you should let him go to the end whatever the results he gets. In addition, the child will never get to learn from his own experience if he does not find solutions to the problems he faces.

4. You give him baby food. Children must learn to chew, to eat solid foods in other words not to be treated like a baby. Put him in the dish what you eat it, but without filling in the bowl with the exaggerated pretend to eat it all, otherwise you will provoke an adversity towards that dish.

5. Parents hurry to change his cot. There are parents that once the child begins to walk they change his baby cot with a ‘normal’ one. This can take him by surprise and put him to sleep disorders. Usually between the age of two and three years he will require to change his baby crib.

 6. Parents hurry with the ‘sit on the toilet’. Some parents are obsessed with the idea that the little one does not poop / pee in the toilet, forcing him to sit on the toilet even if it is not ready for it. First show him the toilet and explain him how to use it. Do not force him if he is not interested in using the toilet and ask him to let you know when he wants to use it.

7. You let him too much at TV. A child who stays too long on TV may have problems later with the lessons. Moreover, no baby under two years is allowed to watch TV. Find other ways to distract him: read him, draw him or just talk.

 8. Parents try to stop the attacks of hysteria. All children are tantrums in public and all parents are trying to stop it. The most effective way to get rid of it is to ignore him completely and not thinking about what people say. Rather than tell him to stop crying / rolling, distract his attention.

9. Parents are trying to bribe the children. Blackmail / bribery are not a very good tactic. In fact, you convey the message that this is allowed and he will surely find dozens of ways to blackmail you in turn. Children are most skilled in this regard.

Finally, try to consider these nine mistakes parents make in the children’s education and try not to commit them.

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