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Unfortunately, we live in an age where almost anybody can get a gun, even teachers are permitted to carry guns in schools. Other than that, American students have far too easy access to guns. It’s been estimated that Over 5% of high school students stated that they carried a gun over the past months. Gun violence is a major problem that shouldn’t be overlooked. Preventing shootings in school can be done in small action steps. Find out more below.

Choke points

A great way to reduce potential threats is to enhance the level of security in the school. Ensuring that the students feel safe and secure is crucial and although it may seem like a hard task, you can easily solve this by locking the perimeter doors. You’ll need to make sure that visitors or students can enter and exit through one entry. You’ll also have to ensure that the main door is guarded by an officer or guard that have been specifically hired to spot any potential threats and keep predators at bay. This is nothing out of the ordinary. In fact, many schools choose to hire an officer in order to increase the safety level.

Metal detectors

Nowadays, most schools have chosen to use metal detectors at the school entrance to ensure that visitors or even students don’t bring guns and knives a the school. Prevention is key and when it comes to preventing shootings from taking place in schools and other institutions, it’s mostly recommended to take all the measures needed in order to protect the lives of students and teachers. Students might think that this is an intrusive manner and that school authorities are depriving them of their rights. It is, therefore, advisable to introduce them to these safety measures, whether we’re talking about installing a security system or using metal detectors. Allow students to get familiar with all of these methods so that they are not taken by surprise.

Security camera systems

Undoubtedly, one of the most effective and safe ways to prevent violence and increase the safety and the security level is through the use of security camera systems. Although these security systems are somewhat expensive (especially if you are planning to use color cameras) it’s definitely a good investment. You will notice that some of them even come with motion detecting alerts. This way, if there’s any suspicious movement outside you will be alerted right away and most important, you will be able to notice burglars or criminals trying to break in.

Card Access Systems

Besides installing a security system in your school, you should also think about using a card access system so that you can monitor who enters and exits the building and control who is allowed access at school. Furthermore, card access systems allow you to lock or unlock doors with the push of a button so you are the one who decides who enters a given facility.

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