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In America, elementary school graduations are an important event in every family. Even though it is not an event as important as high school graduation, it is a symbol of becoming a teenager. Each year, generations of elementary school students become teenagers, which mean that they have only one step until they become adults. Americans were not fans of celebrating this even in the past until the 20th century, when parents were encouraged to get involved in their kids’ education and reward them for their achievement, thus keeping them from dropping out of school. In the last couple of years, more and more families have started to celebrate their children, even celebrities have been spotted organizing parties for their soon to be teenagers. They tend to organize it like a birthday party which is fun and everyone is invited.

Most elementary schools in America finish their program in June. Two weeks before the end of the school year, parents organize their children’s graduation party. Elementary school graduations are usually organized in the classroom so that everyone can come. The main reason why they choose this place is because the celebration must take place during the days when most parents are at work. The school usually organizes it in the gym, the library or the auditorium. The staff responsible with the events has the responsibility of sending all the student’s families letters. They are an invitation to the event and they contain all the information needed such as: the hours and the place where the celebration is going to take place and how much time you have to RSVP. Gown and caps are not needed at this time; you can save them for high school and even college. Some teachers encourage their students to make their own caps as an art project.

Unlike high school, where parents and relatives buy gifts to give to their children at the ceremony, at elementary school graduations gifts are not mandatory. Parents and relatives can buy symbolic gifts to reward them for their results. The most popular gifts are: coupons to clothing stores, money for their savings account and gift coupons.

All in all, elementary school graduations are not yet a big deal because the event does not represent a big transition in a student’s life. In time maybe this trend will develop but for now it is not seen with great interest by parents and schools. Outside of America this event is seen differently, parents are more focused on what high school their children have entered than celebrating the end of elementary school. If you want to reward your kid for his great results we suggest you give him a small gift rather than organizing a party, which implies spending precious money and time without any sense.

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