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Being away from home for college is certainly a stressing experience for many of us. When distance gets harder to bear and we feel our family’s absence more than ever before, having a living environment that successfully replicated the one that we have at home might come in handy. And if you think that you lack the necessary space for it, we have some tips to teach you to deal with it, as well. Keep reading below to find out how can you make your dorm room feel like home.

Define your comfort, first

Make sure that you fully understand what makes you feel comfy and cosy. This is maybe the most important coordinate based on which you should start your journey. Those should be your design goals and you should religiously follow them when redecorating your dorm room to make it feel more like home. It will make such a big difference to stay in a room that brings you joy and comfort that it is completely worth it.

Prioritize space

Space is highly important when it comes to upgrading your dorm room since those can be so small. Research what options you have when it comes to storage units Montreal and rotate through your belongings depending on the season. For instance, you don’t need those voluminous bed covers during those hot summer months. So, ideally, you would take those to a self-storage unit and safely store them until the cold season comes again. Make the most of the available space and use every inch of it. It will make such a difference when you will have just enough space for your daily needs.

Make your bed the king

If you want to cosy up your room, make sure that you pay extra attention to your bed. You want to pamper it as much as possible, bring in plenty of pillows and comfy blankets, make sure that the mattress is a comfortable one and that you feel just as good as you feel in the bed back at our parents’ house.

Lighting matters

Lighting is such a perfect mood setter and you can always use it as a great way to make your room feel like home. Make sure that the bulbs that you choose are economic ones since this will help you save up so much money. This matters enormously for a college student, we assume.

Wall art

This will help you express your personality and passions much easier and it would be ideal to choose art in a style that compliments your room. The colour palette matters, obviously. Abstract art will surely offer an interesting air to your room and it will most likely feel like a new space afterwards.

These are some simple pieces of advice that you can always follow to make your room feel like home while being away from home. This will give you comfort and joy during those difficult times when you miss your home and family.

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