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When deciding how you will manage a job and a child, people generally have two options: finding a babysitter or taking them to a day care centre. However, people have so many questions regarding their options, they are unable to discern between the two. Each of them has benefits, but a day nursery Hendon located might be a better idea than finding a babysitter. However, let’s see the main differences between the two alternatives parents have.

1. Day nurseries offer extra-curricular co6urses

When you hire a babysitter, the only activities your child can get involved in are indoors and playground activities. On the other hand, when you choose the courses of a day nursery, you can be sure that your children will be supervised appropriately, when they get involved in various other activities. For instance, certain day nurseries offer dancing classes, French lessons, craft course, all being of enormous help in child development.

2. Day nurseries offer routine

While routine is seen by many as a negative thing, both adults and children need routine in their lives. For children especially, routine is improving the development, by teaching them a fixed schedule, and offering stability. Also, the schedules are more reliable in day care centres, and this is specifically a need of a growing child.

3. Day nurseries are more affordable

Day nurseries are paid monthly or even yearly. Because of this reason, their fees might seem pricier. But in reality, if we break down the costs per hour, we shortly begin to notice that the care offered by professionals at a day nursery is about £2 – £3, while a babysitter is usually charging with about £ 5 – £7, daily.

4. Babysitters don’t guarantee regularity

When a babysitter becomes ill, they will simply not show up for work. This means that the parent must find a last-minute backup plan, which in many cases, is not the most reliable. On the other hand, day nurseries have enough employees, and qualified ones, to cover for a colleague when they are unable to show up for work.

5. Babysitters have little to no education in the child development field

Even if you find a babysitter through a profile agency, chances for them to lack any trace of child development studies or training are very high. Obviously, this is not the case of say nurseries, where studies in the field are mandatory, and without them, would be impossible to work in a facility like this. So if you want more educated children, don’t hesitate to opt for a day care centre over a babysitter.

So, when it comes to breaking down the benefits of taking your child to a day nursery instead of hiring a babysitter, it becomes obvious that they outnumber the benefits babysitters offer. Make sure to research the local market in your search for the perfect nursery, and consider other advantages. For instance, babysitters will stay only a certain amount watching for your child, while day nurseries have a full-time program.

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