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Free online educational ideas

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Colleges online give the opportunity to gain education that otherwise may not be available to you. With online courses, students can train at home at their own pace to get the skills and qualifications they need to get better jobs and earn more. Online training is available for diplomas and accredited Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degrees in business, healthcare, information technology, paralegal and more.

Programs in business are for a diploma or an Associate Degree in Business Administration. The programs include real-world experience that makes graduates more attractive to employers. Students learn:

• The language of business
• Theory and management skills
• The Microsoft Office Suite of software, which is the most widely used
• Interviewing skills and confidence to gain entry-level positions

Programs are for Medical Office or Information Specialist Certificates and Associate Degrees. These skills are appreciated by doctors and other healthcare givers to keep offices running smoothly and records well organized. Students learn:

• How to keep patients’ medical records correctly
• How to help patients fill out insurance forms
• Hospital admission assistance
• Laboratory services
• Positive interaction with patients so they relax
• Appointment scheduling
• Bookkeeping and billing

Diplomas and Associate Degrees are given for Network Administrators where they learn to handle hardware and software. Network Administrators are essential for any company no matter how small or how large. Their IT department is vital and needs constant monitoring. Network Administrators can have a full-time job in a company or be freelance and serve several businesses. Students learn:

• How to set up and manage computer networks
• How to repair and troubleshoot network as well as non-network computers
• Directory service infrastructure design
• Give technical support to any business

A Paralegal is a person who assists attorneys. They prepare legal briefs and other documents, assist in tasks preparing for trial and conduct research. They are an essential part of any legal team. A Paralegal Associate Degree can be earned in less than 18 months, and students are prepared for an entry level position in a wide variety of legal firms or other organizations that need legal guidance. Students learn:

• Estate planning
• Probate
• Tort Law
• Civil litigation
• Contract law

Financial aid is available to make it possible for anyone to get the training and skills they need to get ahead. Education is the best possible investment in life, and online colleges will help students find government grants, loans, scholarships and easy payment plans. Financial aid counselors will help with the process so it doesn’t seem overwhelming. There are several ways to pay for higher education including:

• Federal Pell Grant which doesn’t have to be repaid
• Federal Student Loans
• Federal Parent Plus Loans for parents to help pay tuition and buy school supplies
• Military or Veteran Benefits such as the G.I. Bill that helps military personnel start new civilian careers

Online learning is the answer to finding a new and rewarding career. Careers are available right now for those with the proper degree, diploma or certificate. Training is given by expert instructors who work in the real-world and give students their invaluable advice and information.

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