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Psychologists, psychiatrists and other specialists have different opinions regarding the main factor in children’s education and, respectively, in preventing school dropout and juvenile delinquency. Most say that family is the one that puts its mark, mostly permanently, on the formation of the young man’s personality. Others say that school is the one which shapes the child. Many parents who have ‘droll ’children threaten them with the famous words ‘you’ll see when you go to school!’.

Whatever the teachers endeavor in the elementary and secondary school to correct the deviant behaviors of children, they will not have significant results if they don’t benefit of the family’s support.

In elementary school the teacher receives a high credibility from children, especially if she knows how to capture their attention. Children see her as their friend and going home, they say that she asked them to do something for the next day. Most children are very angry and even cry if they fail to solve their homework or if parents do not have the necessary materials. For this reason the teacher must know well the financial situation of each family to give differentiated homework.

Making regular visits to the children’s home the teacher is forming an overview of the environment in which they develop. There can be big differences between what parents say and what actually happens. Many let their children watch cartoons, shows and movies on TV which make them violent and which contain phrases and words that children use without knowing their meaning and which often are vulgar.

Moreover, parents themselves say that they could not look at such ‘nonsense’, but do not forbid the children to watch them. An excessive parental authority is not indicated but an effective communication with the little one in which his opinions and desires be heard and considered, especially those that are beneficial to him. The child must not be driven, but guided, engaged and supported in important decisions related to his person.

Finally, communication between family and school is essential for that society to have educated and moral young people.

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