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If you are interested in making a career change and you are willing to take a few courses in order to become certified in a certain field, you will realise that it was a smart decision from your part. When you like working with your hands, but you are looking for something that will enable you to have a decent annually income, these are the certifications that you should consider obtaining:

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Certification

This certificate will enable you to access entry level CNC machining and programming positions. If you already have some experience in this field, you could even consider taking more advanced courses that will enable you to become a CNC inspector or take a leading role. This is one career where you will be able to earn up to £25.000 from the start, are only grow from there. In addition, it has a lot of applications, as this certification will enable you to operate anything from mills and plasma cutters to water jet cutting machines, so you will definitely be able to find a job as soon as you graduate from your CNC classes Toronto.

Welding certification

If you would like to become a skilled welder, this is the certification that you need to obtain. Just like the CNC classes, you will have the chance to opt for various courses that will offer you a different type of certification. For instance, should you want to become a welding inspector and make a career out of quality assurance in this field, you will need to take a more extensive course. Of course, the financial rewards are also higher, so it certainly is an option worth considering.


How do I become certified?

The easiest way of becoming certified is one of these two fields is by taking the courses organised by a professional school in Toronto. This way you will have the chance to learn from experienced welders and CNC professionals who know everything there is about their profession and are willing to share their secrets with you. You can sign up for any course and at the end you will be tested by a team of professional and you will receive a diploma that certifies your skills.


To conclude, if you are passionate about computer numerical control or about welding, you could definitely make a career out of your skills and the fact that they pay very well will certainly make it worth your efforts of getting certified.


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