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We know that there are still a couple of months left before Halloween, but we also know that planning is essential for success. If you are crazy about Halloween, you are probably wrecking your brain trying to find a way in which you can celebrate this holiday at school without loosing your teacher authority. Teachers must set an example for the Halloween party at school and their costumes have to be nice and school-appropriate so that there will be no room for interpretations. If your school is organizing a Halloween party and you don’t know which costume to wear as a teacher, here are some Halloween costumes ideas 2015 that will guide and inspire you.

Don’t dress too sexy

Your costume must not have any sexual connotations, regardless the fact that you are a young teacher who happens to workout. The example you have to make is of a serious and decent person who can handle a classroom full of children without being accused of inappropriate behavior. Therefore, forget about the extra mini skirts and the deep cleavage and opt for a costume that will be suitable for a school party.

Avoid racist costumes

Racism is a delicate subject in schools and many Halloween costumes have been classified as racists because they are inspired by various cultures and nationalities such as the Mexicans, the Indians, the Japanese or the Africans. To avoid hurting the feelings of your foreign students and making them feel like clowns and movie characters, avoid wearing cultural costumes.

The grammar police costume

One of the most appropriate costumes for a teacher is the grammar officer who will arrest anyone who can not use the Oxford comma properly. All you will need for this look is a pair of black pants, a black t-shirt with “Grammar Police” written on it, a pair of handcuffs and a pair of aviator sunglasses like most officers wear.

Snow-white and the many dwarfs

The Snow-white costume will suit you perfectly with the only difference that you will not have 7 dwarfs, but a class roomful of them. You can even agree with some of your students to dress as dwarfs and you will definitely attract the attention at the school’s Halloween party. Although it is not the most unique idea, Snow White continues to be one of the most popular Halloween costumes ideas 2015.

The know-it-all lady

Ms Frizzle from “The magic school bus” is the best idea of a Hallow costume you could come up with. To pull out the look, you will need a blue dress that you will apply planets and stars on, a blonde wig and a bag in the shape of a yellow school bus.

Show what you teach

Are you an English teacher? Then a costume covered in letters is what you need, or a costume covered in algebra symbols, in case you are a math teacher. Or maybe you are a chemistry teacher and you want to dress up as the Mad Scientist, or you are a French teacher and you want to become a romantic Parisian. No matter what you teach, it can become a great idea for a Halloween costume for the school’s party.

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