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For the landscaping passionate who want to turn their hobby into a profession and want to learn the basics of landscaping and gardening, the landscape architecture schools are the right places for them to learn tips on how to properly care for a garden and which are the newest landscaping methods. Here, students learn about gardening, about the needs of each plant, about the type of soil each plant needs and how to mix and match the plants so that the overall aspect will be a neat one. Also, they learn how to use landscaping tools like the latest 2015 riding lawn mowers, they learn how to choose the best type of mower, how to handle it and how to operate it properly so that the lawn will benefit from the mowing. The landscape architecture schools described below have been recognized among the best schools that offer degrees in landscaping.

Harvard University in Cambridge

This prestigious university offers a Master of Landscape Architecture program that can be completed in 3 to 6 semesters, depending on the number and complexity of the architectural education studies that the students opt for. Besides the standard MLA, Harvard’s Graduate School of Design also offers its students the possibility to obtain an advanced MLA for those with a professional degree in architecture, a post-professional MLS degree, and a MLA in Urban Studies. Needless to say, after graduating from Harvard’s Master of Landscape Architecture program, you will know so much more than how to operate the latest 2015 riding lawn mowers; you will be a landscaping artists, capable of turning any terrain into a work of art.

The Ohio State University

The School of Architecture at the Ohio University includes an elaborated top-ranked program that has been constantly improved in order to teach the students the latest subjects. The landscape architecture department promotes a strong academic inquiry that results in accurate trends that will dominate the future of architectural landscape. The location of the school in the Great Lake basin, somewhere between the Appalachian mountains and the Great Plains, offers the students the opportunity to study the region and the environmental factors and to complete seminars that include summer trips, design courses and the exploration of the key areas.

Texas A&M University

The Department of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning of this university is one of the oldest of its kind, with over 100 years of experience and a high rank due to the quality and dynamic curriculum based on strong resources, vigorous research and expert members. The university attempts to improve and support the environment through new landscaping methods that connect the students to the latest tools and trends. Teachers offer assistance in a wide range of subjects, including solutions to sustain the natural ecosystems or the management of natural and man-made hazards.

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