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Posted On August - 16 - 2011 0 Comment

Children’s education is often a dilemma for parents, because they frequently found themselves in front of completely new situations not knowing how to handle the needs of children. However, the communication with your child is a basic rule to understand his needs and to guide him to an education appropriate to the needs of society.

Therefore, parents must know some basic rules regarding the creation of an honest behavior to the child and here are some of them:

– Always communicate with your child, listen, respond to each question that he puts no matter how crazy it would look;

– Do not scold the child or especially, do not resort to physical violence because you will simply banish him away from you, feeling strange in a world completely unknown; instead, try to read some cute family quotes when you get mad, they will make the anger go away and remind you of what’s truly important;

– Do not change the rules of behavior every day because you will create confusion to the child;

– Do not hesitate to use ‘please’ when he is doing something in your interest or the family’s interest. Such behavior will be picked up easily by the little one, becoming a normal rule for him;

– Never lie in front of him because it can take negative habits of this kind;

– Praise him every day, regardless of the mistake he makes daily. Try to see what he did well that day;

– Do not conditioned him such as if he is not doing something, you will give up the love you wear him. In this way you will scare him and he will fear that you will leave him emotionally;

– Communicate clearly with your child so he can understand you;

– Try to do homework together, especially in the first years of school;

– Answer each question no matter how simple it might seem. For him, the answer is an unknown he wants to clarify with your help;

– Do not discourage his actions, in this way you will harm his personality;

– Try to discover his hidden talents and mold them so that he likes it;

– Do not force him to do sports if he does not like it and he’s not inclined in this area.

Modeling the behavior of the child is one of the family’s priorities. Therefore, these basic rules are very important to follow in your child’s education. An adequate but not forced education will create him opportunities of a bright future.

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