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Free online educational ideas

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If you are looking for a fast way to learn something new, microlearning might be the best solution for you. Whether you are studying for an exam, or you want to improve your work knowledge, this learning technique is guaranteed to help you achieve fast and steady results. This technique is suitable for people of all ages, it is easy to implement, and it can work with any subject. If you are still not convinced about it, here are its main advantages.

1. It empowers the learner

This learning technique is centered around the learner, empowering them to adapt the learning process to their individual style and needs. As the name suggests, microlearning involves small learning sessions, which last about 5 minutes and less. It is usually used for online courses, but it can also be adapted to traditional learning techniques, provided that the learner knows how to properly structure their content. Due to the short length of the lessons, anyone can find time for it during any given day.

2. It is highly efficient

This learning technique has been around for a while and its efficiency has already been proven by several studies. It seems that learning small pieces of content at a high frequency is faster and better for retention that learning large amounts of information at a low frequency.

3. It is accessible

Microlearning is already being used by a wide variety of learning apps, which make courses available for all computers and smart devices. The best app that employs this learning technique is probably EdApp which offers a wide variety of courses. Moreover, EdApp also uses spaced repetition to increase retention and gamification elements to make the learning process more fun and interactive.

4. It is interactive

Most of the platforms that use microlearning, combine it with interactive elements. This way, instead of going through boring, passive lessons, the students are presented with real problems and challenges. This makes the learning process more engaging, but it also helps the students understand and retain the information better, while also learning how to apply it to real problems.

5. It is ideal for our modern society

Nowadays things move a lot faster than they used to, and people are always connected to the internet. As such, traditional education falls short in many of the challenges of the modern world. Microlearning, on the other hand, is a lot more flexible. It can be easily updated, it can include rich media content, and it can be delivered to anyone who has an internet connection.

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