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Modernizing the school gymnasium should be a top priority for many schools. Physical activity is an important part of education. Moreover, never has it been more important to get children involved in sports, than it is now when children are more and more sedentary due to digital entertainment. A simple way in which you can make the gymnasium more attractive is by investing in a scoring table. These units come with a lot of features meant to make sport events more interesting, and as you are about to find out, a scoring table can also help the school generate some extra income. Here are 3 important reasons, that should convince any coach or school principal to equip the gym with a score table.

1. Increase audience engagement

The crowd can have a very important role in the development of a game. The cheering fans can raise the team’s morale and actually affect the result of the game. But in order to please the crowd, you must make it easy for them to follow the game. The scoring table can do just this. Not only does it display the score, but it can also display player pictures during important phases of the game, or special animations for 3 points, time-outs or free throws.

2. Generate revenue through advertising

The scoring table is a great way for schools to make money from advertisement. Many local businesses advertise their products and services at local sports events, and this way, the scorer table will pay for itself in a few months, after which it will start making a profit that can be used for gym renovations or other school investments. Most scoring tables come with a computer and an easy to use software. The best score tables even report which ads were played, as well as when and how often they were played. The proof of play report is a great tool for negotiating advertising deals with local businesses.

3. Creative coaching tool

A good digital scoring table will also come with video replay. Many coaches use the game films in order to help the team get a better understanding of their strengths and their weaknesses. Usually this is done by bringing a TV to the gym or by going to a classroom where a TV can be found. However, this will no longer be necessary as with a score table, you can view the whole game film or replay special moments, directly in the gym.

As you can see, a digital scoring table has many benefits. Not only will it make the games more interesting, but it can also generate revenue, and act as a modern coaching tool.

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